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#3: Off to Massachusetts – Traveling for Theatre

We all know there’s no distance that can get between theatre fans and shows they love. From skipping prom to road-tripping across the state, we have all gone to creative lengths for the love of theatre. Today we discuss the miles we’ve traveled to see some favorite musicals (and the times our parents have fought ushers for programs). Join us as we take a deep dive into Little Women, Ashley building a case for why it is worth listening to, and Sally building a case for why it’s worth skipping (like prom).


  • Little Women (aka, the Sutton Foster Star Power Hour) might or might not rock your socks off. Give it a listen and decide for yourself!
  • Know what will definitely rock your socks off? Elm Street Cultural Arts Village. Check out their amazing work and consider showing them some financial love. 
  • Our favs: Musical Theater Heritage, George Harter, Sutton Foster, Megan McGinnis, Christian Borle (did we mention he was married to Sutton?), Laura Benanti, Michael Park, Daddy Long Legs, The Scarlet Pimpernel, Rachel York, Cathy Rigby and Colm Wilkinson somehow came up again…
  • Other mentions: Faulkner University (where Sally went to see a show instead of going to prom), 101 Dalmatians the musical, Newsies the Broadway musical, Robert Stattel, John Dossett, Dear Evan Hansen, Jenn Gambatese, Mrs. Doubtfire, Seussical
  • Check out Ben Brantley’s original New York Times review of the Broadway show: “Tomboy With Gumption (and Her Sisters)”
  • Special thanks to Crazy Love Coffeehouse, Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee, Ground & Pound Coffee, and Noble and Main for being the best editing offices.

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We had to cut our conversation about “Flight,” a duet between Sutton Foster and Megan McGinnis. To sum it up, Sutton and Megan have been friends every since Little Women, and awesome collabs like this song are what happen when co-stars are friends instead of rivals.


That movie Sutton Foster was in by Psych‘s James Roday was the 2015 horror parody Gravy.

We briefly mentioned the fiasco that was Rebecca the musical, wherein there was a phantom backer who literally did not exist. Read more about that in Playbill: “Inside One of Broadway’s Biggest Scandals – How Rebecca The Musical Made Headlines Without Even Opening (Yet…)

Megan McGinnis (Little Women‘s Beth) played the lead (Jerusha) in Daddy Long Legs Off-Broadway, and we have a big ol’ theatre nerd giggle every time we hear her sing the song “Things I Don’t Know,” and the line, “I’d never heard of Meg, Jo, Beth, or Amy.” Because she IS BETH, Y’ALL!!! Ok we’re done with the giggle.

Theatre Etiquette Corner– It is considered impolite to leave a performance before the bows are over (or essentially to leave without clapping).

Host- Sally Fuller. Co-host- Ashley Elliott. Audio engineer/technology wizard- Thomas Fuller.

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