Sally Henry Fuller, aka, the Broadway Ginger


Freelance Writer. Ginger. Broadway Fan. Featured on: Encore AtlantaBroadwayWorld.com, and the Huffington Post.

A theatre aficionado with a passion for telling people’s stories, I have had the privilege of interviewing local theatre professionals as well as multi-award-winning celebrities including Carol Burnett, Matthew MorrisonTaylor Hicks,  and Vanessa Williams.

My two greatest passions are theatre and writing. For the past eight years, I have written about theatre in varying capacities, which currently include theatre criticism, interviews, and theatre fan features. I love using writing as a way to celebrate theatre as a cultural necessity.

My lifelong background in and extensive study of theatre have given me a discerning eye for professional theatre criticism. Through a love for connecting with people, I have developed a propensity for quickly building rapport with and drawing authentic stories out of interviewees. My goal is to dive into what makes artists unique as people, not just highlight their accomplishments. As a self-proclaimed theatre nerd, I also have the ability to craft opinion pieces targeted at Broadway nerds like me.

Since 2011, my work has been featured in the #1 theatre news website in the world (BroadwayWorld.com), the Huffington Post, Encore Magazine, and the Kennedy Center’s American College Theatre Festival.