#SipForSuzi: Moments to watch (and drink) for at the Suzi Bass Awards

suzi bass awards
(Speaking of spontaneous singing) The cast of last year’s Best Musical winner, The Color Purple. Photo courtesy of the Suzi Bass Awards.

On the first Monday in November, the Atlanta theatre community always comes together to celebrate a wonderful year of art through the Suzi Bass Awards. It doubles as not only an honor but also an excuse to get together with your favorite theatre people and take a moment to say, “We did it!”

To enhance the experience, we’ve compiled a list of the moments you will spot at the 15th annual Suzis. So whether you’re in the room where it happens or watching on PBS from the comfort of your couch, play along with our Suzi Bass Awards game and take a #SipForSuzi of a responsible beverage for the following.

  1. When a presenter shows up in costume.
  2. When an artist is nominated against themselves. Take an extra shot for the two artists nominated against the Curley-Clay twins.
  3. When a show from last summer wins, and honestly it took everyone a minute to remember that show even happened (looking at you, Aurora’s summer blockbusters).
  4. When a Tony Award-winner is nominated. Take an extra shot in the spirit of supporting your Atlanta friends if said Broadway talent loses.
  5. For nominated shows you chose not to see because they were produced by a independent theatre companies you underestimated.
  6. When a prolific actor wins for their most underwhelming performance of the year.
  7. When a winner isn’t there.
  8. When someone says, “I didn’t even write a speech” and then gives the monologue of the night.
  9. When someone wins twice.
  10. Spontaneous singing.
  11. When a show you didn’t enjoy wins all the things.
  12. When the actor in a role you auditioned for wins.
  13. When a winner mentions the film/TV scene in Atlanta.
  14. When a winner uses the phrase, “Now, more than ever.”
  15. Humble-brags
  16. When your show wins literally anything, and you just picture that negative review you saw from [name that Atlanta publication], and think, “Take that, Ben!”
  17. When a winner quotes a line from their show.
  18. When a winner thanks their character.
  19. “I share this award with…”
  20. When an outdoor show wins, but you didn’t get to see it in its full glory because it was rained out the night you attended.
  21. When a winner quotes their director.
  22. When your after-party schmoozing is on point.

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