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#18: The Prince of Broadway III – Willkommen

Click here to listen to the 18th episode, our deep dive into Cabaret!

Step into the exciting party scene of 1930s Berlin with a racy M.C. as your tour guide through the lens of the seedy Kit Kat Klub. With dancing to do and interesting people to meet, what could possibly break the cycle of fun? Such is the backdrop of Cabaret, one of Producer/Director Harold “Hal” Prince’s most innovative musicals. Not only does this piece tell a chilling story of a world-changing time, but it introduces the first ever “concept musical.”

Join host Sally Fuller with guest host Laura Carman as they explore how this piece stole Academy Awards from the greatest film of all time, discuss why Prince won’t do revivals, and reveal why Alan Cumming won’t talk to Sally again.


  • Cabaret rocks our socks off. Take a listen to it.
  • You know what else rocks our socks off? Theatrical Outfit. Check out their upcoming streaming season here
  • Our favs: concept musicals, Fiddler on the Roof, Spring Awakening, Company, A Chorus Line, Bernadette Peters, Alan Cumming, Christopher Isherwood, Goodbye to Berlin, I am a Camera, John Van Druten, Ron Field, Joel Grey, Jill Haworth, Judi Dench, John Kander and Fred Ebb, Larry Kert, Boris Aronson, Rob Marshall, Sam Mendes, Spy Kids, Susan Stroman, The Prince of Broadway, Kiss of a Spiderwoman
  • Special thanks to Peachy Corners Cafe, Crazy Love Coffeehouse, Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee, Ground & Pound Coffee, and Noble & Main for being the best editing offices.
  • BGP would not be possible without behind-the-scenes team members Thomas Fuller and Elise Friderich.

Proof that Judi Dench was, in fact, Sally Bowles in the original London cast of Cabaret.

Bonus Videos

For the budding theatre fans

In 1967, Joel Grey and the original cast of Cabaret opened the Tony Awards. I mean, when you have a number that literally says, “Welcome to tonight’s performance,” you can’t pass that by.

For the fangirls

The queen herself, Liza Minnelli as Sally Bowles in the film version of Cabaret

For the die-hards

The ultimate earworm from this show, “Money Money”


We didn’t get to include our conversation about the interesting trajectory of money-related songs in Cabaret. The original version included “The Money Song,” and it was subsequently replaced by a similarly-themed, “Money, Money,” which was used in the film.

In more lyric change conversation, read more about the changed line from “If You Could See Her,” in which the M.C. says, “She isn’t a Meeskite at all” rather than “She wouldn’t look Jewish at all,” in this great article from Peter Filichia.

How to Broadway Corner

What is a dramaturg? It’s something that every movie/TV show/musical set in Atlanta desperately needs, first of all. A dramaturg is basically the research consultant for a play, movie, etc. who helps provide the company with resources about the historical context, proper accents, and things like that.

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