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#19: Send in the Clowns – Interview with Hunter Ryan Herdlicka

That moment when you’re preparing your second audition for a musical and realize you’ll be singing for the show’s legendary composer himself… No pressure.

Actor Hunter Ryan Herdlicka had that exact experience on his way to landing the role of Henrik in the 2009 Broadway revival of A Little Night Music, by Stephen Sondheim. Join host Sally Fuller and Herdlicka for a chat about all things Night Music– what it was like to work with true Broadway legends, how he learned to play an instrument in four weeks, and how he came out of the experience with a dear friend, Elaine Stritch.


  • A Little Night Music rocks our socks off. I recommend listening to the revival cast recording (featuring our guy Hunter) from 2009.
  • Favs: George Washington, Hamilton, Christopher Jackson, Lea Salonga, Miss Saigon, Aladdin, Mulan, Marni Nixon, West Side Story, My Fair Lady, Ellen Marlow, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Angela Lansbury, Bernadette Peters, Elaine Stritch, Ramona Mallory, Victoria Mallory, Mark Lambert, Candide, Alliance Theatre, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, 30 Rock, Cafe Carlyle
  • If you want to social media stalk Hunter, you can find him @HRHerdlicka
  • Special thanks to Peachy Corners Cafe, Crazy Love Coffeehouse, Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee, Ground & Pound Coffee, and Noble & Main for being the best editing offices.
  • BGP would not be possible without behind-the-scenes team members Thomas Fuller and Elise Friderich.

Bonus Gallery

Bonus Videos

For the budding theatre fans

Ok, this song is not from Night Music, but it is one of my favorites, and Hunter’s voice is incredible in it!

For the fangirls

Watch Bernadette Peters sing the iconic “Send in the Clowns”

For the die-hards

…or you can always just watch the show! This was filmed about a month after I saw it.


The book about Elaine Stritch that we referenced is called I’m Still Here.

I neglected to mention my absolute favorite lyrics from Hunter’s song in the show entitled “Later.” He says, “How can I wait around for later? I’ll be 90 on my death bed, and the late- or rather- later Henrik Egerman…”

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