Show Notes

#22: Mr. Disney Musical – Santa Fe

What better way to wrap up a series name-dropping Alan Menken than to highlight his Tony Awards win?

Though he had Oscars and Grammys already, the Disney and Broadway composer had to wait until 2012 to get his Tony. And that, of course, was for Newsies. Join us as we continue the Newsies conversation we began last week, learn how Menken feels about new Disney composers coming along, and how much of a fansie Ashley is.


  • Newsies rocks our socks off. Take a listen to it.
  • You know what else rocks our socks off? Kenny Leon’s True Colors Theatre Company. Check them out and support their awesome work! 
  • Our favs: How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, Tony Awards, Jeremy Jordan, Andrew Keenan-Bolger, Kara Lindsay, Once, Bonnie and Clyde, Laura Osnes, Judy Kuhn, Harold Prince, High School Musical, Enchanted, Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Lin-Manuel Miranda, The Little Mermaid, Tim Rice, Hercules, Mary Poppins
  • Special thanks to Peachy Corners Cafe, Crazy Love Coffeehouse, Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee, Ground & Pound Coffee, and Noble & Main for being the best editing offices.
  • BGP would not be possible without behind-the-scenes team members Thomas Fuller and Elise Friderich.

Bonus Videos

For the budding theatre fans

For the fangirls

You know that honorary Emmy we mentioned? Here’s what won it for Alan Menken and Howard Ashman. You’re welcome.

For the die-hards

That Bonnie and Clyde show we kept talking about might have closed early enough for Jeremy Jordan to take Newsies to Broadway, but it had some great music!


“Fansie” – a die-hard fan of Newsies.

To “pull a Judy Kuhn,” is to perform in two different musical performances at the Tony Awards, as Judy Kuhn did in ‘87 with Les Miserables and Rags.

“Schmacting” – overacting. See: Jeremy Jordan singing “Santa Fe.”

How to Broadway Corner

Two-Dow-Shay (sometimes “Two Doh Shay”)- frequently used in theatre social media as #twodowshay to mean “Two show day.” This refers to the days that have both a matinee and evening performance. In community theatre, those days are all about pizza, massage chains, and Broadway karaoke between shows. 

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