Introducing The Broadway Ginger Podcast

“There are no rules, just musicals.”

This fall, a humorous lovenote to Broadway is making its debut on podcast platforms everywhere. We have just announced the release of The Broadway Ginger Podcast, an upbeat new show for theatre nerds by theatre nerds. Aimed at celebrating and maintaining a cultural appreciation of musicals, new episodes are set to premiere every Monday, starting October 5.

Sneak Peek

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From theatre journalist (and redhead) Sally Henry Fuller, The Broadway Ginger Podcast combines fandom, history, and a critic’s take on the Broadway landscape from the Golden Age to modern-day. In each episode, Fuller and co-host Ashley Elliott (director/writer) discuss a few musicals centered around a chosen theme and take a deep dive into one, covering everything from the plot to fun facts about the original cast.

“Because of Hamilton, Broadway is more popular today than it has ever been in my lifetime,” says Fuller. “I think young people and the general public’s interest in theatre because of shows like that is an awesome opportunity to invite them into the rest of the wide world the musical theatre canon has to offer.”

As a theatre journalist for almost a decade, Fuller has covered local theatre and Broadway, the latter affording her the experience of chronicling the Hamilton craze from the very beginning. The writer says that as much as she has enjoyed being on the reporting side of theatre, she is first and foremost a fan.

“I have loved getting to know the theatre scene so well as a critic, but at my core, I really am a theatre kid. My fondest childhood memories were at my local community theatre sharing the stage with a diverse group from all ages and backgrounds, and that was the greatest gift. I caught so much about Broadway history and was introduced to so many new (to me) musicals just from off-stage conversations with my fellow company-members.”

A member of the marketing team for the Tony Award-winning Alliance Theatre, Elliott’s first experience with theatre was filling in for an absent cast member in a community theatre play.

“It wasn’t until after college that I actually got involved, and even then I snuck in through the back door,” shares Elliott, who is also currently directing a production of Daddy Long Legs. “I had to educate myself on the Broadway basics. Now I’m working in marketing at one of the biggest theatres in the state and serve on the board of a small community theatre in north Georgia.”

Above all, Fuller and Elliott are creating a strictly fun show that brings listeners together to have an educational and light-hearted chat.

“My chief goal of the BroadwayGinger Podcast is to invite anyone on the theatre fan spectrum from the mildly interested (like my husband) to die-hards to join us for entertaining and enriching conversations,” the host says. “It’s supposed to feel like one of those greenroom chats from early community theatre days. There are podcasts out there discussing important, world-changing things, but we are here to tell you that this one is raw, unadulterated escapism.”

Hamilton’s popularity opened a huge door for the theatre world, creating an opportunity for people who might not have otherwise invested in theatre to feel the curiosity to discover what else musical theatre might have to offer. So honestly I’m just really excited to get to share some theatre history love and continue the greenroom conversations I started so many years ago.”

The first season of The BroadwayGinger Podcast kicks off on October 5, with new episodes released every Monday. The 30-45-minute episodes will center around themes like Disney musicals, musicals the hosts have traveled long distances to see, and Pulitzer Prize-winning musicals.

For more information about The Broadway Ginger Podcast, click here or connect with them on social media (Sally Fuller- @thebwayginger, Ashley Elliott- @acelliott94).

About Sally
A writer with a passion for building relationships and telling people’s stories, Sally Henry Fuller is a performing arts journalist. She has had the privilege of interviewing both local theatre professionals and multi-award-winning celebrities including Carol Burnett, Matthew Morrison, Vanessa Williams, Josh Gad, and Taylor Hicks. With theatre journalism experience since 2011, her work has also been featured on BroadwayWorld.com, Encore Atlanta, the Huffington Post, and the Kennedy Center’s American College Theatre Festival.

About Ashley
Ashley Elliott is a writer based north of Atlanta currently working on the marketing team at the Tony Award-winning Alliance Theatre. She studied theatre in college but was a fan for nearly a decade prior. Now with actual hands-on experience of almost every facet of the process, she can’t wait to delve into this love of theatre with her friend and colleague, Sally Fuller!

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