Show Notes

#35: Wait for the Morn with Spencer Williams

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First of all, Happy Independence Day to my United States listeners!

As this episode coincides with the USA’s Independence Day observance, we thought it very fitting to feature a musical about the quintessential early American experience of traveling across the world to make a new life. Spencer Williams’ musical For Tonight is getting a concept recording at the end of the month, and this milestone holds significance for not only him but his ancestors as well. Host Sally Fuller sits down with Williams to discuss the fascinating backstory that turned a few paragraphs of a journal into a large-scale musical.

After the conversation, stick around to hear an exclusive release of the song, “Wait for the Morn” from For Tonight, sung in authentic Welsh accents by West End actors Dale Evans and Simon Gordon. Or just listen to it here!


  • For Tonight rocks our socks off. Take a listen to it when it comes out at the end of the month!
  • Episode mentions: New York Musical Theatre Festival, Goodspeed Musicals, Michigan State University, Isle of Man, New York Theatre Barn, Queensbury Theatre, Joseph Purdue, Shenelle Salsido, West End, Yeston Griffiths, Blair Russell, Simon Gordon, Dale Evans, Amy Di Bartolomeo
  • Special thanks to Peachy Corners Cafe and Roam for being the best editing offices.
  • BGP would not be possible without behind-the-scenes team members Thomas Fuller and Elise Friderich.

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